13 Azenor Avenue is a 3-bedroom semi-detached house available from £97,500 for a 30% share.


The property is in the popular area of Falmouth, located on the outskirts of town, Azenor Avenue is part of a new development on Bickland Water Road. Built in 2019, the property benefits from the 4 years that is remaining on the building warranty.

The home enjoys flooring throughout, a high specification kitchen, a private garden and a B rated energy performance certificate. The property falls within the council tax band ‘C’ and has 121 years remaining on the lease term.

Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis – subject to a full application. To let Coastline know you would like to purchase 13 Azenor Avenue, register your interest in the property on Share to Buy.

To meet the local connection criteria for this scheme, you will need to meet one of the following:

a) Lived in the town of Falmouth, Parish of Budock or the county of Cornwall for a continuous period of at least 12 months immediately prior to advertising. Please note that a connection to the Parish of Budock or the town of Falmouth will take precedence.

b) Formerly lived within the County of Cornwall for a continuous period of 5 years.

c) Your place of work (16 hours or more a week and not including seasonal employment) immediately prior to advertising

d) Have a connection through a close family member (mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter) where the family member is currently a resident and has been so for a continuous period of at least 5 years immediately prior to advertising.

*The local connection criteria does not apply if you are a serving or previously serving member of the regular armed forces or qualifying under any other clause of the Allocation of Housing (qualification criteria for armed forces) (England) regulations 2012.

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